How Does It Work?


Using and integrated access device (IAD) provided by Proficieint Telecom, outbound telephone calls from your business are converted to data packets and integrated with other traditional data packets, e.g., email, files, etc., sent and received over your high-speed Internet connection. The combined data is sent over Proficient's managed IP network to Proficient's network operations center where the telephone calls are separated from data packets destined for the Internet. Data packets

destined for the Internet are then routed through to the public Internet and voice packets destined for a telephone number are switch to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) utilizing Proficient's softswitch platform. Applications such as voice mail, email, caller ID, and various call control features are provided by various Proficient Telecom application servers.

Proficient utilizes this architecture to serve three types of users: 1) customers with existing PBXs 2) customers with IP telephones and no PBX 3) customers with single integrated access devices to which a traditional analog phone is connected.

Some business customers may have all three end-user types. For example, in addition to its principal location, an automotive parts manufacturer might have a second smaller office or plant location, as well as employees who work from home. Utilzing Proficient's Premier Voice and Data service, all three types of users would be on the same network and would be able to dial each other utilizing a three or four-digit extension.